Who are we?

Your translation partner since 2005!

Translations by professional native translators, of every European language, in any imaginable field, for small and large enterprises and organisations, both in the private and public sectors.

We are a translation agency that is located in the Netherlands and our team operates from the Netherlands, many other European countries, the United States and Latin America.


Why choose us?

  • SI-translations only works with so-called native translators and we also think it is important for them to be well-educated. Only then and when they are highly experienced will they be able to get to grips with the true meaning of a text. This means they will be able to give a satisfactory answer to any question in any linguistic context.

  • Among other things, the latest digital facilities enable us to coordinate your projects and create glossaries and we enjoy doing so! We truly appreciate having direct contact with the writers and project leaders of the materials submitted to us.

  • In addition to translation, Si-Translations is also happy to be of service with the editing, correction and proofreading of all your texts.

  • We are a low-threshold and flexible agency.

  • We deliver on time and fast.

What do we offer?

Language combinations:


Si-Translations offers Dutch, English, German, French, Spanish and all the other European languages, in any possible combination, regardless of the language of the source or target text.

Thanks to our close contacts in the linguistic world, we can also offer you non-European language combinations on request.

Translation areas:


Si-Translations deals with translations in any imaginable field, from social, legal and economic texts to management and technology.

Examples include websites, brochures, (technical) manuals, (doctoral) theses, research reports, course material, essays, correspondence, magazines, work plans, quotes, employment contracts, annual reports, terms and conditions of delivery, agreements and much more.


Si-Translations serves three types of customer:

Small and large enterprises/organisations, both in the private and public sectors.

Text writers, website builders, PR and communication experts who include translations in quotes for their clients.

Other translation agencies.


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Jan Stroeken

Stollenbergweg 54

6572 AD Berg en Dal

The Netherlands

Tel.: +31246843795

E-mail: info@si-translations.nl

Chamber of Commerce of Gelderland: 09148766

VAT: NL8200.10.078.B01

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